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Patrick "Fender Bender" Green


PatLaffs Pat was born at a young age... and always knew that he and music were one. He received his first guitar, a bass, for his 10th birthday from his dad and fell in love. He played the bass for 2 or 3 years, learning as he played. His move to the guitar was a fateful one when it was discovered "this boy could wail"! By the time Pat was 15 he was a devout Hendrix disciple and playing a lot of Rock and Roll with a little Blues. When he added some "Soul" and "Funk" to his favorites from the likes of B.B. King, Buddy Guy, Lightning Hopkins, Albert King, Muddy Waters and Stevie Ray Vaughn he realised he'd found his sound. He started playing gigs out and about with his Dad. Patrick's raw but sweet voice has a sound that sometimes defies the fact that he's only 22. Pat travels with his guitar and plays wherever he is - from Wilmington, NC, Austin, TX, Los Angeles even the streets of Berlin! Pat has blossomed as a song writer both alone and as a collaberator. As if this isn't enough Pat's recently started playing harmonica and washboard. 

A pure Fender Stratocaster player, Pat always chooses female names for his guitars: It's a beautiful sounding love affair.


Scott George

Scotsolo Scott grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has been playing music all of his life. His trained musical ear in rhythm and melody comes from 8 early years of piano and drums. he picked up a guitar at 15 and fell in love. Self taught, he describes himself as a musicain, rather than guitar player. After leaving the military in 2003, he moved back to Pennsylvania and began playing with local bands and performing at pubs and Blues clubs and honed his style, performance and playing skills. In 2006 he moved to Fredericksburg and immediately began the rounds of the open mike nights to see what the area had to offer. He met up with Keith, Doc and Pat at Dougherty's and a connectin was formed. His ability to listen to what is going on while performing has been a big factor in his success and has been proven in the varied styles he plays. Scott is the band's Gibson freak and will play Blues, folk and rock, even a little country...if necessary! Influences include B.B. King, Ray Charles, AC/DC, Aerosmith, The Beatles, Genesis, Live, Derek Trucks, David Gray, Warm Haynes, The Allman Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel and Stevie Wonder.


Curtis "Motha" Tucker

bb2  Having grown up in a remote village under the Swiss Alps, Curtis has been imbued with the sounds of nature and music since childhood. He began his musical education as a pianist under the tutelage of Walter Wilhelm Gieseking.  Inspired by the work of the early 20th century artist, Luigi Russolo, Curtis moved to Vienna and began a brief (and ill-advised) foray in the atonal genre of noise art. Disappointed by his work's reception, Curtis began seeking alternative outlets for his creative energy. He performed an extensive tour throughout Europe where his insightful interpretation of Lully-esque functional tonality was received by critics as awe-inspiring.  While on tour in Brussels, Curtis began a tumultuous relationship with the soprano Marie-Élise Moreau.  While this marked a period of great productivity, it ended tragically with Moreau's death in 2006 in a car accident. After his wife's death, he moved to Rome where his innovative work in minimalist microtones and industrial noise found much praise.  Curtis' success in Rome was short-lived as he soon found himself at odds with the Italian avant-garde community over a scathing satirical piece entitled Denominate questa musica, io fate (non faccia)...Then he moved to Fredericksburg and joined the Blues Buckets.


"Doc" Henley Smythe

DOClaff Music has always been a part of Doc's life. "At school I played double bass" he remembers "since then I must have been in fifteen to twenty bands". His latest gig, as part of The Blues Buckets rock solid rhythm section, gives him the chance to share his experience and love of the Blues with the younger guys. "'I've been around a bit" he quips. "I've always had a special place in my heart for the Blues, ever since my brother handed down a Roy Buchanan album to me, there was something about that sound and feel that struck a chord inside me". As the father of fellow "Bucket" Patrick Green, that love of Blues music has become a family affair. "As Pat's Dad it's a real bonus to be able to have a special relationship with him in a very non traditional way". Been around Doc certainly has. For over twenty years he was an on-air personality at radio stations up and down the east coast. "That was a lot of fun" he reminises "I met some pretty famous people and felt lucky to have a job that lots of people would kill for". Doc still DJ's all over Virginia, Maryland and the DC area and many weekends can be found under the tent providing entertainment at wedding receptions and parties. Doc's writing abilities are also a proud part of his life. He's written music reviews for amongst others the local Fredericksburg paper. Doc's hobbies include reading, "I love anything about history" and football (that's soccer here in the Colonies). "I am a die hard West Bromwich Albion fan - it's actually a little pathetic. If they lose on a Saturday I'm down all week". Poor results aside, Doc enjoys his life and long association wth the music business and jokes "I'd hate to have a real job - I love what I do".


Keith Dietrich

Keith Keith is the drummer and one half of the dynamo rhythm section in The Blues Buckets. With over seven years of performance experience, this 20 year old has been the backup and replacement drummer in many Stafford/Fredericksburg bands, but never found musical home until "Doc" Henley Smythe asked him to replace the recently departed drummer in his band Don't Panic. Keith was with the band over 18 months, but after a name change and addition of a new lead singer, the band decided to go their separate ways. Doc then called Keith again and asked if he would be interested in starting another band, this one including his son Patrick. The rest as they say, is history! Since he started playing drums, at 11, after years of painful piano lessons (his teacher told him that he had no rhythm!) Keith has studied drums and music with Toby Fairchild, Doug Manring, Trevor Schrotz, Bruce Middle and Ejuanna Andrews. Keith has been performing since he was 13, starting at jazz open mikes. When he found open mike Blues Night he knew that he had found his style. And although he plays Blues and Rock now, his musical and drum influences and taste range all the way from Jazz (Dennis Chambers, Buddy Rich and Vinnie Colaiuta) to Progressive (Dream Theater, Yes and King Crimson) to Metal (Motorhead and AC/DC), Rock (KISS, Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin) and even Industrial (Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein and Ministry). Many thanks to Richard and Arlene who give the Stafford area musicians a welcome home every Wednesday at Dougherty's Tavern. Thanks to Bob Smith for taking a chance on a young "Hammer Hands" and taught him to play with others rather than against. Also, to Wayne Kenny, Mike Capetto, Mike Gysel, Stephanie Randall, Andra Faye, Jammin Sam (who is still sorely missed), Ricky Coleman, Chris Jones, G Money, and every other bluesman who walks in to jam, and give the joy of music.

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